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Zealand Family | New York Family Photographer

My favorite line from this film is "...and his chin and his nose and his jacket and his duck food, that's all I need." My love language in order of importance is acts of service, loving words and comforting touch. Photographing this family, I saw all of them.

mom dropping her son off at school, girl in pink jacket
"I love our walk to school every morning."

Elise and her son Henry fascinated me during their Day in the Life sessions. Yes, I made an exception and broke the session in two days. Elise spoke of how much she cherished their walk to school every morning. So I HAD to document it and give myself that challenge on the streets of NYC. Trying to anticipate what corners they would turn and streets they would cross was a test of my artistic metal because just photographing the back of them all day would be super boring. The second day was their kick-off of spring break together. Though her priority was photographs, I gave myself the additional creative push to film as well. Let me know if you think it worked out.

boy on macbook, woman checking work email on iphone
A bit of device time among many precious things

On my client intake form, I ask about special areas as well as least favorite areas of the home. Having that information in the back of my mind helps me include what is loved and avoid what is not. Elise's answer to this warmed my heart and made me very excited to meet her and Hen in person,

"There is no room in our home for things that are NOT precious."

Wouldn't you agree those are life goals right there. How many of us hold on to physical things that no longer serve us or we may have only liked, but never truly loved.


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