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Meet Sara Naomi

Hi I’m Sara Naomi. I help Women to see their love, strength, vulnerability and beauty along their journey in life by photographing them with loving trust and supportive assurance.

A series of transitions make up this beautifully tumultuous experience called LIFE. There’s the transition from child to young woman with eyes full of hopes and dreams to fulfill.

There’s the radiant glow on her face when she marries the man that vows to love her and she, him. There’s the excitement of carrying her first, second, or third child and wondering will be a boy or a girl. The powerful vulnerability of giving birth to her little one in the hospital or at home and the realization that her love continues to expand.

Some women transition to “dividing our assets” when parting ways and finding a new found strength in her ability to forgive, let go, and create a new kind of loving environment for herself and her children. Other women’s love, strength, and vulnerability show up when she’s determined to leave a legacy for her daughter that she will not see grow up. There’s even the glow of love in the widow of 20 years, who misses her beloved husband everyday.

You will see all of these varied life paths and more here in my corner of interweb, love is the thread that unites them. I’m glad you joined me here and I cannot wait to share my own stories and hear your stories of love.


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