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Why Home Birth

home water birth
Husband supporting his wife during their son's birth

As a home body, the idea of a home birth is very attractive to me. This mama was able to move around and labor in the comfort and peace of her own warm loving environment. During her consultation, she said she wanted her older children to be present for the birth.

This was a lovely home water birth. The kids woke up on their own came to the master bathroom asking if the baby was coming.

Birthing mom surrounded by her children and husband
"Does it hurt mommy?"

A surprise sex birth to everyone. Sarah birthed with the coaching of her husband, the excitement of their children, support of her incredible birth team, doula, Sha and midwife, Rebekah. In Wonder Woman pose, baby Silas entered into the world.

After birthing in her warmly decorated bathroom, she went to the comfort of her own bed for Silas' first latch. Dad and the kids crawled on the bed and inspected the little 11lb. 1oz. fella. Dad could have skin time within an-hour of Silas' birth, and they were cozy at home in bed.


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