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Have a Doula & a Birth Photographer Attend Your Birth

Do I really need both a doula and a birth photographer? There are some amazing doulatogs that offer both service and I give them lots of credit. Photographing birth requires a ton of brain power and attention to detail. Personally, I would not be able to provide the emotional and physical support that doulas provide to you during birth and also create beautiful photographs of your momentous event.

doula supporting a mom during home birth
Doula Sha supporting Sarah also a doula through a contraction.

There are so many moments of support surrounding mama and powering her birth story. As a birth photographer, I believe there is way more happening than the crowning and pushing your baby into the world. It is more than a newborn photoshoot. It is the total change of the parents and the rest of the family's lives. It is about the joy, anticipation and even pain leading up to and following the baby's being born.

Your doula concentrates on guiding, supporting, and moving, literally at times, you through that journey. As your photographer, I observe all the things along your path to motherhood.


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