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Sara Naomi

As a little girl, I dreamed of the big princess gown and tons of bridesmaids.  Then in my early 20s, I became a bridesmaid for the first time and eventually was Maid of Honor 4 times. My girls and fellas wanted me there and I wanted to support them through the most stressful and precious day of their lives. I know the ins and outs of weddings, the most precious moments, the stress of planning, managing family dynamics and oh how wonderful the sigh of relief is when the party is over. 


Now, as a wedding photographer, those experiences influence how I document your wedding day.  The friends and family that flew in from around world will go home. The grandparents you have with you now. Your wedding photographs will become your memory, as time passes. They are the beginning of your new branch of the family tree. Photographs will out last the wedding day, the fabulous cake, phenomenal dress, and gorgeous flowers will be gone faster than you can blink.  Your wedding photographs will be how your children and grandchildren witness your wedding in the years to come.

As you know, family changes a lot overtime because the kids grow up, our parents get older and at times we are waylay-ed by sickness and the passing of those we hold dear. Growing up, I loved looking at my parents' wedding album and listening to the cassette tape of them getting married. I remember thinking Dad still laughs like that today.  Family albums of myself as a baby in my grandparents arms or the crew of all of us cousins playing together remind me of how much I enjoyed them. Wedding and family albums along with wall art and videos house a place in time that I treasure even more now.  The reality is they've grown more valuable over time; which is why I love giving couples and families both the beauty of the memory as a finite portrait of their love with gorgeous light and the art of my perspective in albums, wall art and films.  I cannot wait to document you and your family and create albums and wall art for your home.

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