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As you know, family changes a lot overtime because the kids grow up, our parents get older and at times we are waylay-ed by sickness and the passing of those we hold dear.  Growing up, I loved looking at my parents' wedding album and listening to the cassette tape of them getting married. I remember thinking Dad still laughs like that.  Family albums of myself as a baby in my grandparents arms or the crew of all of us cousins playing together reminds me of how much I enjoyed them. Wedding and family albums along with wall art and videos house a place in time that I treasure even more now.  The reality is they've grown more valuable over time; which is why I love giving families both the beauty of the memory as a finite portrait of their love with gorgeous light and the art of my perspective in albums, wall art and films.  I cannot wait to document your family and create albums and wall art for your home.

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