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Martha & Abraham | North Brunswick Baby & Family Photographer

Those years from birth to 18-years-old pass so very quickly to the adults raising or around little people. Remember when they fit into the crook of your arm and then suddenly they were too big for baths in the sink.

mom in a black dress and sitting with her 10-month-old son
Sara, this means everything to me.

They became more self aware and seek privacy or the "I can do it all by myself" phase, you know wiping themselves or making their bed and you kind of want to check to make sure all is good. Next thing yo know they're telling you about their crush and then getting their driver's license.

With every blink there's a new phase of childhood with its on beauty and challenges of parenting. I love every phase, especially bath time in the sink. This family film is from a Mommy and Me session I photographed in March to kick-off spring.


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