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We All Hate Being Photographed

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

Often times after a photo shoot, I get a text like this one, "Sara. Thanks again!!!!! What an awesome way to start my day." After another photo shoot, a client said before changing back into her everyday clothes, "Sara. I feel pretty today, THANK YOU."

Most of us hate being photographed. Even in the age of the selfie, most of us do not know what it is like to see our authentic self. People may tell you all the time, "what a great smile you have" and if you are like, “me?”. Then, you say thank you and laugh inside thinking "every picture I've seen of myself, I'm all gums, my smile is crooked, my eyes and nose are scrunched." Aside from being in friends' weddings, when was the last time you were professionally photographed your senior portrait from high school? I know that was my last time 1994, #classof95.

Over my lifetime, I've enjoyed taking and being in photographs to commemorate the moment, even if one eye was closed. Now it delights me to hear feedback from clients that those above commemorating who they are now and giving them a wonderful photo shoot experience. The icing is when they see the portraits, and they see themselves through my eyes and gain a whole new perspective of just how lovely they are.


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