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There Have Been Some Changes

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

Over the last half of 2018, I’ve been transitioning from studio portraits to documentary, photo-journalistic style sessions. During these kinds of sessions, I spend time with a family either in their home, at their wedding or in the hospital photographing birth. I look for moments that move my heart. Some are tender, and others are raw.

For instance, this portrait I made of this darling 3-year-old chatting with her mom as they catch up after a day at school. Little does she know the many emotions her Mom and Dad have experienced earlier in the day at the treatment center. That’s the raw beauty and hard work of parenting that photograph and lil' miss will one day understand and treasure it.

Or there’s this moment when you can feel the squeeze of the love in the hug right after the saying their vows and their first kiss as a married couple. Do you see the glee on the face her nephew in the background?

Here you can feel the power of the contraction and push as well as the support and wonder at the birth of their first child.

I love seeing the beauty of your life, your everyday, sometimes gritty moments of family life unfold in front of me. Thank you for letting me witness it.


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