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The Connection Between You and Me

My mission is capturing the most authentic smile of whomever is in front of my lens. That means being silly with kids and listening to them tell me about their favorite things. It means getting grandma or even great grandma to express what is like to have so many in her family and share a treasured moment from the past that comes to her mind. It means asking "what you love most about your spouse," as their mate is in the next room changing outfits. It means the teens tell me they're favorite song, who's knows they might even sing it for me.

When I spend just a bit of one-on-one time with each of my clients they share their thoughts and feelings with me and then a softness and an warm energy radiates from them that show up so very beautifully in my camera. It makes for a wonderful museum quality framed print that hangs in their home and is considered precious for generations.


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