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Sara Naomi, Photograph Me in This...

What's the focus? It is always YOU. So, you read my post, "It's a Special Occasion," about how to prepare and what to wear and now you are worried about bringing stripes and plaids.

Because this photo shoot is about YOU, bring something that has sentimental value to you. Perhaps you love plaid or there's a lime green skirt that belonged to your grandmother from the 1960s and you're thinking "Sara said don't bring that". Girl please, if you love tanks and jeans and lime green, I can still take the best photograph you have ever seen of yourself. All the accoutrements really do not matter. Again, the focus is your sparkling eyes and beautiful smile. "But I don't like my smile, Sara." Don't worry, through my guidance and posing, I will bring out the smile that everyone compliments you, but you never see.

It may be a picture of someone who has inspired you, or a drawing from when the kids were little or your Dad's favorite team jersey. We will incorporate it into your photo shoot to commemorate your memories as you create a legacy for your future generations.

Remember we are a team and as your creative director for your photo shoot there are certain things that make for a great foundation to feel confident throughout your session. A set of nude and a set of black underpinnings, including a strapless are a great start.Bring a favorite cocktail dress, don't worry if it doesn't zip, we are not photographing your back. Tank and jeans or grab something from Rent-the-Runway. We may even create a look for you from my studio wardrobe.


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