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New Offering:Moving Portrait

Turn on Audio: Do you remember being 18? It’s the age, we begin to realize and step into our full power. I’ve known this lovely young lady since she was 7. Watching her grow up and make wise decisions about her future has been such a pleasure.

We talked about not “knowing” what to do with our hair or makeup according to other people’s standards. I definitely felt that way at 18 and kind of still do. So we went with an “as I am” earthy look for this shoot, clean hair, only natural products of sunlight, ocean air and some sand, along with a bit of foundation and gloss. Embracing and loving ourselves just as we are is so very important to launching into adulthood.

I yearn to do more moving portraits/films for people. We all change over the years and capturing who we are right now is oh so very important. Kids especially change so much. In a matter of months, their height, mannerisms and even the way they speak change so much; all the cute little lisps are gone never to be heard again. #watchingamemory


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