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Commemorating Milestones: Everyday vs. Noteworthy

When I create maternity portraits, I imagine the little guy or gal one day showing it to his/her

own child saying, "this is grandma when I was in her tummy," and the 3-year-old grandson or daughter, with wide-eyed expressiveness gives her a huge hug and says, "Grandma, you were always beautiful!"

There are so many milestones in life, and I firmly believe they need to be captured with "everyday" snapshots on our mobile devices as well as "noteworthy" photo shoots. Those extra special milestones deserve to be archived and memorialized with more than everyday honor and celebration. Yes, more than a snapchat filter of a flower crown.

When I was 19-years-old my parents told me that I was finally getting a sibling. My mom arranged for a family photo shoot to celebrate her maternity at a photo studio in the mall. We all wore cream, the back drop was white and we posed ourselves. They are rather embarrassing images; thus I'm not sharing, but they are special because my brother was a wonderful surprise!


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